Police Officers – Mark Angel Comedy episode 108

POLICE OFFICERS – Mark Angel Comedy Episode 108: Emmanuella was in school arguing with a classmate and as usual, she nust win the argument no matter the cost. This time around, she wins the argument but landed her uncle Mark Angel and also Denilson Igwe in trouble as she leaked a secret to her classmate not knowing that the men beside them were police officers. You will want to know what this secret is and what the Police officers did with the information, its highly entertaining and funny.

This video will thrill you even if you watch it for one million times, it will never stop being funny. Please watch this video where your loud laughter can be tolerated because this video has what it takes to thrill you and make you laugh out loud and roll on the ground.


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27s Comments

  1. You guys continue makin our days we are really enjoying your style,
    Mark angel
    Denison igwe
    Emmanuela daniel
    Chuku emeka
    And entire mark angel comedy crew

  2. Emmanuel Nsikak

    Any time i fell sad or unhappy,Mark Angel comedy will give me joy and happiness.I like your all your comedy,thank you very much.Any once again thank you Emmanuella my female name seek.

  3. nwachukwu wisdom jehoshaphat

    nice one fellas keep it up i pray dat de good God will give u more knowledge to continue to make de world happy love u guys especially EMMANUELLA

  4. y didn’t u do d continuation of BIKE MAN AND 2000 WORDS we are waiting 4 it.and how can i join ur crew CU’s I love acting and have not seen d opportunity 2 become one of d stress.

  5. keep up d good works, we love markangel comedy, we love Emanuela, we love Denilson, we love Chukwuemeka(where are they fetching the tea. Lol) we love u all. God bless u d man behind all this, Mark Angel. Keep excelling.

  6. weeed. you call army nayv, weed you call nlead, weed you call nigerian airforce.. bro you like weed ooo


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