Mark Angel Comedy episode 179 – Science student

Mark Angel Comedy episode 179 – Science student: A very funny video that will make you laugh till you roll on the floor. Denilson’s tricks came back to hunt him. Every science student will love to see this video. Kbrown and Denilson were waiting for each other to do the needful, but Denilson took it a step further.

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7 thoughts on “Mark Angel Comedy episode 179 – Science student

  1. MAISO herbert says:

    mark Engel I really enjoy your comedy very much, you are so creative and brilliant,
    am MAISO Herbert from Kabale university in western Uganda doing my bachelors in science in biology but I would like to join comedy. which advice for me,

  2. Abunyewah George says:

    I’VE been enjoying your funny ? video but now I have searched for pot of soup and nothing found plz let me have this oohh

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