COMMANDER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 193)

COMMANDER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 193): This very comic Mark Angel Comedy video will make sure you laugh over and over again. Mark Angel is so unfortunate to put on the Nigerian Army uniform just to get favours. Emanuella objected but in the end, Mark Angel will learn never to ignore Emanuella, ever again. Watch and download video below.

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8 thoughts on “COMMANDER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 193)

  1. kadolochristopher says:

    you guys are doing awesome…. making someone smile is a blessing.continue doing good & always remember that it’s only God Grace.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Mark i know that you will never wear that army cloth again……haaaahaahaa which cantona …tom and jerry…..i love you all expecially Emmanuella and Success

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