Mark Angel Comedy episode 157 – Lazy Nigerian Youths

Mark Angel Comedy episode 157 – Lazy Nigerian Youths: This very funny video is a message from Mark Angel Comedy to everybody in Nigeria. Following recent happenings in the country, it is very important that everybody makes sure they have their permanent voters card (PVC) as we wait patiently for 2019.If you have not gotten your PVC, please do the much you can to get it before 2019 arrives.

This video is a very funny video that will make your day, a man tries to do something which didn’t go down well with on-lookers and what happened later will make you laugh till you get tired.


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4 thoughts on “Mark Angel Comedy episode 157 – Lazy Nigerian Youths

  1. Memory Chama says:

    u guys u really make my day each and every time i’m watching ur comedy, u guyz u ar de best among de besties. All de best!

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