Fake currency – Mark Angel Comedy episode 164

Fake currency – Mark Angel Comedy episode 164: You have never seen anything like this before! MC Prof is completely a clown without reservation! In this episode of Mark Angel Comedy, MC Prof is a trader and had a sales boy. The sales boy did something capable of closing down his business and he could not hold it but cry out. But what was actually the case in this episode will send you to the floor laughing out loud. Kai!

This video has all it takes to keep you laughing for a very long time, watch and download this video below and don’t forget to share it with everyone.


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8 thoughts on “Fake currency – Mark Angel Comedy episode 164

  1. Samuel "Sammy" Asumu says:

    Jajajajaja, so funny if he has spent all the money, then why is he trying to “kill” the boy?.

    Keep going guys.

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