My uncle is here – Mark Angel Comedy

When kids say what they want and mean it, most times they always get it because they have a way of finding their way to make a way for them to show the way they have their way…they always have their way. Mark Angel, Emmanuella, AY and Mitchel shows some funny stuff her to bring delight to you.

This video has what it takes to make you laugh without control, so please make sure to watch in a place your loud laughter will be tolerated, and don’t forget to share the happiness by sharing this video with everyone you come across.


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16 thoughts on “My uncle is here – Mark Angel Comedy

  1. Tshepo says:

    Emmanuella is really super talented guys I can’t believe she’s turning 6 or 7
    like she’s so talkative why they don’t wanna feture Chikwemeka kan

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