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Mark Angel Comedy International announces a major Rebranding and Merger.

Mark Angel Comedy International, an Entertainment Company announced a major rebranding and a merger of one of its Facebook Pages from Mark Africa to Mark Angel TV to reflect the company’s evolution into full Online Entertainment TV and New Media.

For the past 3 years, Mark Africa and Mark Angel TV have has been operating individually as Africa’s top news media and entertainment platforms under Mark Angel International, providing entertaining content and news to millions of people across Africa and beyond.

Nonetheless, while we have recorded great growth running these two similar platforms separately from each other in the past couple of years, we have also been facing gargantuan complexity in managing these two similar platforms individually, and this complexity gives birth to the idea of rebranding Mark Angel to Mark Angel Tv and Merging them together and today, we are glad to announce to you this Major Rebrand and Merger which we believe is a welcome development as it is one of the greatest steps we have taken in evolving into a full-time Online Entertainment TV and News Media.

The Rebranding includes a Change of name, Merging the two Facebook Pages to one, a top to bottom redesign of the platform’s Logo, Graphics, Communications, and Correspondence.

Mark Africa shall now bear the name Mark Angel TV, the Assets including the Logo shall be that of the Mark Angel Tv. Logo: A simple White and Red Logo with the title, Mark Angel TV.

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