TRY ME (Mark Angel Comedy Episode 229)

TRY ME (Mark Angel Comedy Episode 229): In today’s episode of Mark Angel Comedy, you wouldn’t want to try Dominion Uche. This girl is something to talk about. She had a disagreement with her teacher, the way she handled it will make you scared of her and also laugh your lungs out. Watch and download this video below.

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11 thoughts on “TRY ME (Mark Angel Comedy Episode 229)

  1. Jimmyd says:

    I love this. Thanks for introducing more characters . It’s obvious your mind and generosity has no bounds Mr. Mark Angel.
    I love all your afters and the characters they play. Please sir. Where is Denilson Ebwe? I miss him also. Very funny man.

  2. Sir white says:

    If una no wan Mk we dey follow una Mk una kukuma tell us , wch one be say una go post video una no go give us download link.

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